The Ei ASSET Talent Search focuses on identifying students with a natural talent for academics and directs them towards the right learning trajectory. To this end, we have curated a specific set of benefits for Ei ASSET Scholars that creates the right learning environment for each student. These benefits include,

Premium membership to Ei ASSET Scholars’ Club for students who secure a position in the top 25%

Mention of each Ei ASSET Talent Scholar on the website along with video and historical records of individual performances in Ei ASSET and Ei ATS Exam

Choice of Gifted Student Programmes at International Partner Universities: you can know more about these programmes here

Access to premium content on our website and Ei ASSET Scholars’ Club resources

Certificates and medals endorsed by the Gifted India Network to students placed in the 75th percentile

Access to funds from a common pool distributed as grants to attend Gifted India Programmes conducted by GenWise. To know more about this, click here

Passes for three physical meets of Ei ASSET Scholars Club for the top 25% of students

Invitation to attend both paid and free programmes on nurturing talent

Giftedness refers to being in the top 1-3% of the population in a particular talent domain. This natural ability needs to be identified and recognized first. Thereafter, this ability can be translated into achievement through providing opportunities to nurture the gifts and coach the gifted child to develop the required psychosocial skills.

Early Identification of giftedness:

Early identification is critical as the first step to nurturing giftedness is to recognize and understand it.

An above-level test that provides an objective measure of giftedness:

Above-level testing is an internationally accepted practice for identifying gifted students and is used by leading organizations like Northwestern University's CTD and Johns Hopkins CTY. ATS is an above-level test that is 2 grade levels above the child's current grade and is therefore able to show where high-performing students stand with respect to their peers, using objective data. Recognizing the quality of ATS, world-class gifted programs allow ATS scores in their admission process. (Details of which gifted programs recognize ATS scores are shared below)

Recognition of accomplishments:

Recognition of accomplishment can provide encouragement and boost confidence. These include a certificate of merit as well as school notification of participation and medals for the toppers who are in the top 15% of performers in ATS.

A score results summary

is provided to each student showing a comparison of his or her test performance among all talent search participants. This report offers ideas and advice for academic development based on performance.

Opportunity to enroll in Gifted programmes offered by International Universities

like Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development, SIG Programmes at US Universities ,and Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth, Summer residential programme at Purdue University's GER2I.Taking part in the ASSET Talent Search also opens up opportunities to enroll in India’s leading Summer residential camp for gifted students organized by GenWise.

Personalized education counseling

with our gifted education and subject experts for families who attend GenWise residential camps. This is NOT college admissions counseling. Families are provided inputs on the child's strengths and interests and the pros and cons of college/ career choices available to them.

Access to the Gifted India Network –

Families of gifted students often do not have an awareness about issues related to gifted students or an opportunity to talk to families of other gifted students. Families of students taking ATS have an opportunity to become a member of the Gifted India Network community that supports them in working with the gifted child. Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development, Ei, GenWise and Agastya International Foundation are the founding members of the Gifted India Network.


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