The Ei ASSET Talent Search focuses on identifying students with a natural talent for academics and directs them towards the right learning trajectory. To this end, we have curated a specific set of benefits for Ei ASSET Scholars that creates the right learning environment for each student. These benefits include,

Premium membership to Ei ASSET Scholars’ Club for students who secure a position in the top 25%

Mention of each Ei ASSET Talent Scholar on the website along with video and historical records of individual performances in Ei ASSET and Ei ATS Exam

Choice of Gifted Student Programmes at International Partner Universities: you can know more about these programmes here

Access to premium content on our website and Ei ASSET Scholars’ Club resources

Certificates and medals endorsed by the Gifted India Network to students placed in the 75th percentile

Access to funds from a common pool distributed as grants to attend Gifted India Programmes conducted by GenWise. To know more about this, click here

Passes for three physical meets of Ei ASSET Scholars Club for the top 25% of students

Invitation to attend both paid and free programmes on nurturing talent

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