Giftedness is an intellectual ability significantly higher than average. It is a characteristic of children that motivates differences in school programming. There is no generally agreed definition of giftedness, but most school placement decisions have followed people with IQs in the top 2.5 percent of the population – that is IQs above 130.

In our effort to identify scholastically gifted students in India, Educational Initiatives has launched the Ei ASSET Talent Search. The Ei ATS is specifically designed for students who are placed in the 85th percentile in ASSET exams.

We have curated a selection of premier international and national programmes for Ei ATS qualifiers to further their academic prowess.

These programmes are:

Gifted Online Programs by GenWise

Advanced online and residential courses throughout the year on various subjects that enhance critical thinking skills and provide domain exposure

International Opportunities With Northwestern CTD

Online programmes with globally diverse participants and residential programmes at the Northwestern University Campus.

Agastya Programmes for Highly Abled Children:

Mentorship programmes by subjects experts. Several programmes also have funding support from donors.

Gifted Summer Program by GenWise

Eligibility for advanced courses in this flagship programme. Students from across the country come together for a three-week residential experience.

Other International Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth, Purdue University - Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute (GER2I)'s, Summer Institute for the Gifted and more.

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