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Ready to hear good news? Our Summer Residential Program (SRES) for gifted and talented students currently in grades 5-12 will be held throughout July 2-29, 2023, with one, two, or four week sessions. Registration opens February 1st, 2023 with a 5% Early Bird Discount until February 15th. Registration will be live on February 1st at https://www.purdue.edu/conferences/GER2ISummerRes2023. For more details about registration, and a full listing of classes, check our brochure at https://www.education.purdue.edu/geri/youth-programs/summer-residential.

Camp Dates


Grade level 








5 and 6

5 and 6

7 and 8

7 and 8

9 and 12

9 and 12

July 2-8, 2023

July 9-15, 2023

July 2-15, 2023

July 16-29 2023

July 2-15 2023

July 16-29 2023

Camp fee (per session)

COMET Commuter-$1000 COMET Residential-$1250


PULSAR $2500 

We offer a wide range of classes, including STEM and the humanities, to foster your child’s academic, creative, and artistic interests and skills. These classes are designed to be one to two grade levels above traditional classroom content and taught by esteemed professors, graduate students, and K-12 teachers with experience teaching youth with high ability. This year, we’re offering so many special classes for all grade levels.

Comet campers (5th & 6th graders, Comet I: July 2-8, Comet II: July 9-16) might enjoy:

  • Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I),
  • Investigating Rocket Launches,
  • Fun Filmmaking
  • Virtual World Tour, and more.

Star campers (7th & 8th graders, Star I: July 2-15, Star II: July 16-29) have a wide selection from which to choose, including:

  • STEAM Labs™,
    Art and Science of Color and Design,
  • Marvels of Chemistry, and
  • Acting Up and Acting Out:
  • Constructing Cultures of Peace.

Pulsar campers (high schoolers, Pulsar I: July 2-15, Pulsar II: July 16-29) may select classes like:

  • Design & Prototyping of Smart Toys and Robots,
  • Programming Electronic Music,
  • Serious Gaming for the 21st Century, and
  • Leadership 101.

Another meaningful component of our camp is our affective curriculum where camp counselors lead small group discussions to support high-ability students’ social and emotional development. Campers will experience new friendships, cultures, games, and other interactive activities geared toward their interests and affective needs. A rich experience awaits your child(ren) as campers participate from several different countries, Native American reservations, and over half of the United States. You may be eligible for one of the discounts below that may be used in combination with the 5% Early Bird Discount (February 15th), for a total of 10%. All discounts are applied to base tuition.

  • Purdue Employee Discount – for GER²I campers whose parents or grandparents are employed by Purdue University. (Employee’s Purdue email must be used upon registration.)
  • Siblings Discount – for siblings who attend in the same summer.

  • Multiple Session Discount – for campers who attend more than one session in the same summer.

  • Refer-a-Friend Discount – for campers who recommend friends attending our Summer Residential Program for the first time. Friend must attend for this to apply. Discount applied to both referring and referred students unless students attended with a group or on scholarship.

Join us for an exciting learning adventure at GER2I’s 2023 Summer Residential Program!



5 to 12

Ei ASSET Talent Search Score :
(In any one subject)

> 90th Percentile Qualified
50th 90th Percentile – Provisionally qualified*

*Provisionally qualified

Students with scores just below the qualified requirement may still apply with an Admission Portfolio application that includes:

    • Ei ASSET Talent Search Percentile Scores
    • Transcript (A scan copy of the student’s annual report cards can be submitted as transcript)
    • Recommendation letters by two teachers (one letter must be from a current teacher in the subject most applicable to the course the student is applying for)

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