Test Specifics

Note: The above-mentioned duration represents only the actual testing time and does not include time for the check-in process, instructions from test administrators, etc.

The Ei ATS test is an online proctored test. Students can take this test from the comfort of their homes.

The Ei ATS test is an advanced test that challenges students to apply their learning and to think by answering thought-provoking questions which are not usually asked in standard tests. The expected level of thinking is 2 grades above the student’s current grade level. For e.g. a grade 7 level student would be attempting questions that require grade 9 level thinking.

The Ei ATS test comprises:

  1. Multiple Choice questions for easy answering
  2. No negative marking

No preparation test

Students are encouraged to appear for the Ei ATS Test without prior preparation. This is because the test is analytical and preparing for it would be counter-productive.

However, students can familiarise themselves with the test content by registering for Ei ASSET Question-A-Day (AQAD). AQAD is an online offering which includes a set of thought-provoking questions that tests students’ knowledge of concepts on a daily basis. The AQAD questions are picked from the Ei ASSET database, therefore students can expect Ei ATS questions to be similar. Students can register for AQAD by visiting www.aqad.in. This service is free of charge.

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